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Frequently Questions

Why should I use Skrill rather than banks?

Due to instant payment sending and receiving, less commissions and global coverage options we suggest you only the Skrill.

Does SMCyber Supports Skrill Transactions in Pakistan?

Yes! Why not SMCyber offer Skrill dollars on very attractive prices in Pakistan.

Does SMCyber services are fast as i require?

Yes! SMCyber have some service standards that maintains from years.

What is OKPay?

OKpay is an E-Currency Exchange perform bridge between popular websites and internet business projects.

I would like to become an OKPay Client, So what I do?

Just register on website and start enjoying transaction benefits.

Can I find reliable Okpay exchangers in Pakistan

Obviously E-cashpay(Sister concern of SMCyber)is Reliable OKpay exchanger in Lahore,Pakistan

Does OKpay is trusted name that we follow?

Yes it is dimensional exchange which has lot of transaction benefits to its users.

What is my Okpay account id?

Okpay id is an e-mail address currently using to access your account.

Can I have multiple OKpay ids(accounts) at same Time?

No ,its not possible at same time.

How can i receive my OKpay card?

Simply just after verification of your OKpay wallet(Account)

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