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Frequently Questions

Is SMCyber is reliable exchange for Dollars transfer and dispatch services of Egopay?

Yes feel free to contact us at any time, we will serve you with warm welcome.

How can I deposit funds in my Egopay account?

You can deposit dollars in your Egopay account by using our services.

What are the standard commissions for Egopay?

1) Personal Account=1.5 percent +0.025 usd
2)Business Account=2.5 percent +0.50 usd
3)Exchanger Account=1.5 percent +0.25 usd

What is Skrill?

Skrill is one of the leading digital payment systems since 2001 with a team of 560 people from 30 nationalities. Its another name of money moving digitally with symbol of trust.

What is skrill mission in Pakistan and worldwide?

1)Global Appearance.
2)Simple and convenient Structures.
3)Trusted and secure.
4)Edge innovations.

How do I use Debit/Credit Cards in Skrill?

Just you may use Credit cards for payment withdrawals and SMCyber’s platform. But you can’t use Debit cards due to some restrictions.

How do I receive money in my skrill account?

To receive money in your respective skrill accounts, you may use valid email addresses.

Can I develop and hold more than one skrill accounts in same time?

Unless VIP Skrill clients, Only single skrill account may allow to any client.

Which type of business accounts is right for me?

Being a user, only (freelance account) is perfect for you persons.

How To verify bank account on skrill?

There is no bank supports/verify skrill in Pakistan. Skrill had been stop payment withdrawals through Banks in Pakistan from two months before.

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